Here at Retail Liquor Specialists Group, we are a proud Australian company. Our family heritage of independent retailing stretches back 117 years over 4 generations, and our enthusiasm is no different now to what it would have been back in 1897.
In those days it revolved around grocery, hardware and haberdashery.
It was 85 years later, in 1982, when our first liquor licence came along and we purchased our first stand alone liquor store. Our principles now remain the same as they were in 1897 and 1982 – great prices, great range, and most importantly, great service and knowledge.

Like this great country we live in, many new people have been introduced to the family along the way. They have brought with them new ideas and innovations, that invariably will leave a lasting valued impression. Retail Liquor has now become our sole focus, and consequently in 2014, Retail Liquor Specialists Group was born.